Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Currently | the kids

I wanted to start documenting ever so often some of the things the kids are doing/saying/enjoying.

Aubrey, age 6

  • favorite color-purple OR pink ;)
  • loves to play - My Little Pony toys, Legos, piano
  • favorite food/drink- macaroni (surprise surprise), pepperoni pizza
  • loves to- read books, swim, paint
  • currently singing- a song she learned from VBS
  • wants to be a- vet

Kade, age 3 1/2

  • favorite color- purple
  • loves to play- legos, ninja turtles, batman
  • favorite food/drink- macaroni (not the yucky kind he says), blueberry snowball, milk
  • loves to- play with daddy, fish with daddy and "mista ike" 
  • currently singing- ninja turtle theme song
  • wants to be  - the purple ninja turtle, Donatello 

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