Friday, August 1, 2014

oh hey, friday | random thoughts

I'm thrilled to say that Friday is here at last.
The week has crept by so slowly. for me at least.
I'm ready to see what the weekend has in store for us.
Rain I'm sure of.
But please pray that Trey doesn't get called out bc he is on call for basically all of Louisiana. m'kay? good, thanks. :)

Anyway, I wanted to share 5 random things at the moment. Because, hey I thought you might wanna know!

 I'm tired. the end. (sigh)
I've been so tired lately, just kinda down in the dumps. Probably just a season I'm in right now, but I could use some change. Change in the weather...change in my children's behavior(Kade has been more than a handful lately)...change in my eating habits (again).

 Aubrey will be 7 in 20 days and I haven't really come to that realization. SEVEN. Where has my baby girl gone? Haven't even started planning for her party...which goes back to the whole being tired thing. that probably has a lot to do with my slacking.

 We will be using a new curriculum this year for our homeschool. Still using Horizons for math, because we love it and its working. We will be using My Father's World. I love how it is a book based curriculum. Meaning she will be reading lots of wonderful books, and we will be pulling spelling, vocabulary, history and Bible from the books. Aubrey LOVES to read so I'm hoping she will really enjoy this. 

 Three words. Sweetened.Condensed.Milk. It's changing my life people! No but seriously, add some to your coffee with a splash of milk. Thank me later. ;)

I'm working on crocheting a chevron stripped blanket for my Aubrey girl. Hoping to have it finished by her birthday so I can give it to her then. :) She knows I'm making it, but would love to be able to work on it and surprise her with the finished blanket! 

Here are some random pictures for your viewing pleasure. Also Aubs gymnastics pics that I still can't believe i paid for!!! 

(hat can be found here)

Hope that everyone has a great weekend! 

The Farmer's Wife

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