Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Healthy Twist on Pancakes

My kids LOVE pancakes. And since Trey and I are on a pretty strict low carb diet, I figured this may be something we can splurge on too every now and then. I think 1 banana has 31 carbs in it, so it's not very low carb, but a lot healthier than regular pancakes with flour, sugar, etc.
What you will need:
1 banana
2 eggs
{optional: pecans and cinnamon}

 photo d88625a7-73eb-4058-9088-b6dd0d5875fd.jpg
Mash/mix your banana and eggs in bowl. If you are using cinnamon and pecans you can add these now too.
 photo 69925066-8ce4-487f-9798-dd64e848a745.jpg
Spray your skillet with non-stick spray and turn heat on medium. Drop a spoon full of the mixture onto the hot skillet.
 photo april20-24020.jpg
I don't put syrup on these, just a little bit of Earth Balance Butter Spread, cause you know, its 0 carb ;)
 photo april20-24024.jpg

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