Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Measuring My Success

"...he doesn't equip me to do every job possible, he equips me to do the job meant for me." -Emily P. Freeman, Simply Tuesday

I am a mom and that is my not so glamorous job seven days a week. I don't have sick days or vacations days that I can take. My children ARE my job and aside from my husband, one of my too priorities. 

I have been reading that quote over and over. It has been hard for me lately because I've been guilty of comparing my job, motherhood, and my inabilities to others. Women who have successful businesses, SAHM moms with small businesses, moms who seem to have it all together. I think "why can't I do..." Or "why can't I be more like..." Well that is their job and not mine. 

I have my own job, one that no one can do but me. Yes there are plenty of moms but they aren't and can't be me. Just like I can't be like them or do things the way they do. 

I have my own ways and priorities. I AM ENOUGH! I was given this job to stay home, raise and homeschool our kids. My husband did not "give" me this job. God did. He knows my strengths and my weaknesses. He has given me capabilities but also he knows that when I feel inadequate that I will come to Him and he will walk with me. 

Now in this season of our lives, my job is to be an example, role model, and to mold their little hearts. I am the one who will influence them, now and years to come.

And to leave you with another quote..

"True smallness is an invitation to live as I was meant to live, to accept my humility, and to offer my ability and my inability, my sin and success, my mess and my masterpieces into the hands of God."

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