Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I've Learned in June

1. Summer was much needed.

School is out, which as you know we homeschool, so I don't get that "school" break during the year like most stay at home moms ;). But not having the stress of having to make sure we get all of our schoolwork done has been SO relaxing for all of us. Much less schedule and more of doing whatever we want! 

2. I need to trust in the Lord more.

I've had some health stuff that has been affecting me for almost a year. And after putting it off for so long, and then having seen two doctors with two very different opinions, I've finally gotten some kind of answer for now..which has helped ease my mind. I've truly been giving it all to the Lord. I know that he has everything planned out for me and for a purpose. Though this has been a long season of pain and discomfort, I'm finding comfort in Him more than ever. 

3. My kids are growing too fast.

Realization has hit me that this fall I will a child in 3rd grade and a child starting Pre-K! I'm not sure how this has happened so fast. Slow down time please! 

4. Speech therapists are a blessing. 

Kade started speech this month and his therapist is wonderful. Have you ever seen a child so excited to go to speech? (Maybe you do but I don't know many kids in speech) ;) It has been 4 weeks and we have seen so much progress! 

5. I need organization in my life. 

I've always been a pretty organized person, but I'm not sure where that girl went. Our closets and drawers are filled and crammed with junk and it needs to go! Garage sale anyone?! I'll be making it a priority in July to deck utter. 

So that's a few things I've learned in June. What did you learn? 


Rachel Q said...

I love this catching up on the month and looking back on what we have learned! I'm about the same as you... homeschooling, organizing and watching kids grow way too fast! (Your neighbor at Chatting at the Sky) :)

Jenny@ Moe and Manny said...

Rachel, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog this morning :) This is my first time linking up and doing a "What I've learned" post. I love how I am able to look back on the month. Blessings to you!