Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thoughts on growing up...

I've had so many different emotions of Aubrey growing up lately.  She isn't my baby girl anymore.  I can't believe she will be seven this August.  Seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital and had pink baby blankets and onesies everywhere.

She has become an independent little girl and doesn't like for me to help her like she use to.  I cried the other when I tried to help her with something and she smiled sweetly at me and told me she could do it on her own.

Where have the years gone?

Aubrey has been trying to find something that she is passionate about and I'm beginning to think she may have found a few.  She recently got "Where the Sidewalk Ends" from the library and has been writing some of her own poems.  She is taking gymnastics and is so excited to learn more and better herself. We have been baking together a lot lately! This i believe is her favorite thing to do right now. She is constantly asking if we can bake something! 

I'm so grateful that I am able to be home with her and to be able to teach and mold her into a brave girl who deeply loves the Lord. 

These days I don't take for granted. Every picture she draws me, every silly story she comes up with, her big efforts to help around the house. 

I smile at her and tell her how proud I am of her.  Because I am. I am proud of the girl she is becoming. 

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