Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm back :)

Hey strangers! You may have thought that I forgot I had a blog, but no I didn't :)
Just took some time off to just "be". And I can honestly say I haven't really missed it too much. Blogging can be stressful sometimes. But I need to remind myself why I blog. 
I blog about my family. I blog so my kids and I can look back one day and remember some of our favorite things we've done or places we've gone or things the kids have said. 
THAT is why I blog! 

Since my last post back in October we have had a few things happening. 
My brother and his wife had their first baby on November 2nd. A baby girl named Korie Marie! 
That was a very rough and emotional couple of weeks when she was born. 
She was born with a heart defect called Congenital Tricuspid Atresia
She will one day need surgery but for now she is doing great and growing like crazy! 

 We've had thanksgiving and if you can believe I didn't stuff my face like I normally would have ;)

Kade had an evaluation with the speech therapist. He scored good and bad.
He scored just above average for his receptive skills with 58%. (50% being average)
But scored only 1% for his expressive skills. Which is the bad news. 
So he is basically talking and saying about what a 16 month old baby would.
He takes a lot of info in and understands a lot but he just can't get out what's in that noodle if his! 

However the therapist says that I should be able to work with him on my own at home and not have to do therapy.
We are doing a lot of structure activities, trying some baby signs, and reading a lot of books! 
Hope to get our Kade man talking more soon! :)

We got a real Christmas tree this year! And have decorated the inside of the house and are hoping to put up icicle lights this weekend. Yay! 
Aubrey and I are also doing the Good Morning Girls advent study together and are preparing for the celebration of Jesus's birth! 
This is my favorite time of year! 

Hope you have a blessed week and hope to blog again soon! 

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