Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fair Week

Every year since Aubrey was born Trey has taken off work for the fair.
And this year was no different, except that we live 2.5 hrs away. 
We only got to go 2 days instead of the whole 4. 
My kids were exhausted and slept like rocks the couple of nights we were gone. 

We had a blast!
We got up at 5am Wednesday morning, drove to my moms, and then walked over to 
watch the parade a street over. 
Headed back to moms after the parade, had lunch and then took Aubrey to ride a few rides.
It was so nice to just sit and visit on my moms porch and drink lots of coffee. :)
The weather was perfect!
And by perfect I mean, 75 degrees!

We took the kids Thursday morning to ride a few rides together and to get their faces painted. 

Kade was absolutly terrified when he saw his face. He was excited to pick out his
design, but once he saw it, I'm not sure if he was scared, embarassed, or maybe didn't understand that it would come off. So yea $10 down the drain, because I had to wash his face as soon as we got back. Bummer. 

We got to stay a night at Trey's parents and had shrimp and grits for dinner!!! YUMMO!
The kids got to play with their cousins and roll down the little hill in their yard and have races with their bikes and scooters. 
So sweet to watch them play together.

How was your week?

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