Friday, September 13, 2013

My Joy Dare

My joy dare is usually at the end of most blog posts, but hey I forget sometimes, and I had SOOO many, I figured they needed a post of their own! HA!

586 warm grilled cheese
587 biscuits with honey :)
588 rainbows in the morning
589 waking with the sun
590 handmade gifts from friends
591 celebrating Aubrey's birth
592 kades improvement with speech
593 time catching up with friends
594 sparkly jewelry boxes
595 two wonderful kids
596 talking with an elder man at the grocery store
597 food and friends
598 BBQ
599 little girls giggling late at night
600 being part of something big
601 voices singing praise
602 the coming weeks of fall
603 pool days
604 smell of cucumber and hummus
605 little bobos that only mommy can make better
606 visits to the zoo 
607 crawfish
608 birthday wishes
609 early risers
610 running on foggy mornings
611 the chill of ice cold water
612 pumpkin spice latte
613 cool breezy evenings
614 pine cones
615 my kids growing feet!
616 sickness, everyone snuggled on the couch
617 flowers
618 sweet yellow polka dots
619 living room forts
620 apples
621 the kids yelling at each other. they have strong lungs!
622 Aubrey's round face framed with her white blond hair
623 black and white photos framed with pics of my babies
624 watching the kids ride their bikes and scooters. 
625 the clouds. they make me feel so small. and that God is so       big
626 kade clinging to my hip
627 being humble
628 surrendering of ones self
629 quietness and trust

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