Tuesday, July 9, 2013

growing up

Aubrey lost her first tooth on Saturday! (7-6-13)
I think I was more excited than she was about it.
I ended up having to pull it.
She did fine with me pulling it and didn't even cry.
Until...she saw the blood. She screamed and screamed over all the blood. I guess I should have given her a heads up. :)
She wasn't expecting it and I wasn't expecting her to react the way that she did.
Since we realized her tooth was loose weeks ago, I couldn't wait for it to fall out. I kept telling her to wiggle it a lot during the day to make it loose so it would fall out soon.
And after it fell out I realized, she's now a big girl.
She has lost 1 baby tooth.
And before I know it she won't be my baby girl anymore.
Why are we constantly waiting for our kids to grow up and move on to the next big thing?
When they're babies we can't wait till they sit, crawl, walk, and start to talk.
And then when they do, we wish we could rewind time.
 I know that's how I feel at least.
After Aubrey lost her tooth that I had been so eager for her to lose, I thought to myself, wow. She will never have that baby tooth again.
I need to stop looking ahead at my kids next big thing and focus on them now at the present. What they are doing now.
Aubrey still loves to cuddle with Trey and I on the couch and loves to hold our hands. Loves to be tucked in every night.
She won't want us to sit so closely on the couch and hold our hands forever. She will be too cool to have us tuck her in one day.
I want to soak it all up now while I can. While she is still my baby girl. I need to be more intentional with her.
Play board games, paint our nails, listen to Praise Baby!
To just be present in the now.
#521 soap bubbles in the sink
#522 breeze blowing in the morning
#523 my very own coppertone baby :)
#524 the suns warmth
#525 sounds of creation
#526 building lego farms
#527 a lost tooth
#528 reading late at night in the quiet
#529 weekends spent inside listening to the rain
#530 little imaginations running wild
#531 having a quiet mind to hear His words
#532 given grace again and again

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linen and blue said...

Aw! I remember when Laurel lost her first tooth :)
Hope the tooth fairy was good to her!
Miss ya'll! Kade is getting SO big!!