Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best Friends

These two...
...I have loved watching their friendship grow.
They have their moments, don't get me wrong.
They fuss, they fight, the hit and they bite.
But for the most part they are very caring towards one another. 
I love to watch them play and laugh together.
I enjoy watching Aubrey sit down with Kade and read him his favorite
book. She loves Kade. She looks after him. She doesn't like
to see him hurt or upset.
Kade looks up to Aubrey. He likes to do what she does.
If she's playing dolls, he likes to play with them too.
If she's coloring, he will join in. If she's sitting in
daddy's lap then you bet he will be sitting there too.
 I know that they will always have ugly moments, when
they get on each others nerves or when they can't seem
to share. But I want to remember the times when they shared their love with one another.
I always tell them, especially Aubrey, to love each other like
Jesus would love them.
I hope they will share each others secrets.
I hope that they will stay close always and will have
each others back.
 I hope they will pick each other up when they are down.
I hope that they will always support each others dreams.
And that they will always see themselves as best friends.

Because today, that is what they are, best friends.

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