Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mama's Boy.

I just can't get over how much Kade has been growing lately.
Some of you may not know but we've been debating on whether or not having him see a speech therapist. I think I've been in denial about him not really talking. I keep telling myself, if hes not talking more in a month, then we will check into a therapist. And this has been going on several months. I feel like a bad parent. 

He is constantly pointing, and pulling on your hand saying,"uh uh." He just can't get out what he wants to say.

BUT the last week he has really been very verbal! He tries to repeat EVERYTHING! Which is fantastic!

My mom was here this past weekend and she told him, "hey dude!" and he repeated by saying "hi du". Completely took me by surprise! :)

He finally started calling Aubrey "Aw-bee" instead of "Ma-moe". Which melts this mamas heart. Its so sweet.

Some of the things that he had been saying before, he is starting to add to what he says. Like before he would just say, "I yuv ew".
Now he will say "I yuv ew...mama" and so on. That has probably been the best thing to hear him say.

I pray that something has finally "clicked" for him and he will continue to grow with his speech. Prayers would be great!

 photo 856f2623-c65a-48e2-b537-56f70cfcf234.jpg  photo a356234a-fe98-4ca4-997c-f7d75c2d9fc0.jpg

I love how he will grab your nose and say "ha ha ha ha" because he stole your nose. And how he gets so upset if you try to take his.:)

I love how he plays with my hair while I hold him. Twirls it in his hands so gently. I will always remember his love in this.

I love how if he hurts you, how he will hug you and tell you "tank ew" {which is how he says sorry} until you are really ok.

This boy is so full of love and he is mine.

Joy Dare

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