Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is almost here!

We have been soaking up this beautiful weather here in Louisiana!
Spring is probably the best time of year here.
And since we live so close to the Gulf, the wind is crazy here! So there is ALWAYS a breeze!
When summer comes it will bring the humidity along with 100+ temperatures :(
So we are outside as much as possible.
We had another great weekend.
Trey was gone most of the day Saturday to a boat show.
Fun Fun.
 Our cousin, Hannah, came to stay the weekend with us!
We went to church, cooked burgers, and pretty much just had a very lazy Sunday!
How was your weekend?

#295 quiet
#296 smell of cut grass
#297 morning hugs and smooches
#298 getting dirty planting a garden
#299 sound of the wind whistling
#300 waking up early with Kade
#301 recognizing my own weakness
#302 His strength
#303 Gods grace 
The Wiegands


Monica said...

I am so excited for Spring and beautiful weather!

Court Dan said...

Love the st Patty's day headband, that's too cute!