Friday, March 1, 2013

A week in pics

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He is just a mess.

Aubrey is officially a reader!
She went and picked this book out on her own
and sat on the couch and read the whole book! 28 pages!! 
She was so proud of herself!
{I may or may not have cried a few tears of happiness}
They were devoured.
 So...we signed Aubrey up for t-ball.  She has been practicing
Squash and tomatoes in the making.
They are about 3 times as big now than in this picture!
The kids like to check them every morning to see if they've grown any, and sure enough they do! ;)
The Pioneer Woman's fried chicken tacos. 
Noticing a pattern here?
Yea I'd say we have a slight obsession with The Pioneer Woman's cooking! :)
My kids love to draw! What can I say its in their blood! ;)
While Kade napped Aubrey and I painted.
I worked on making 2 bow holders for my sister in law, Emily, and Aubrey painted an
egg carton.  I got the idea here. She thought it was "super neat!"
It took her lots of time painting this, which was good, because it took a lot
of time to put the bow holders together too.
Her work of art :)
And I am on my 3rd cup this morning. 
Sick babies and a sick daddy, makes for one tired mama.
Hope this nasty cold clears out of this house sooner rather than later.
Have a great weekend,
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