Tuesday, January 31, 2017




We have blinked and you are six!  Where has my baby gone?  You have changed so much in looks over the years, and I find you looking more like your daddy.  :)  

You have the sweetest personality.  You enjoy making people smile with your silliness.  You are absolutely obsessed with Legos and Star Wars.  You're favorite Star Wars character is Chewie(at the moment). 

You have a love for Lays sour cream and onion chips! Ha! And you love to do anything that your daddy does. I pray that you will grow up to be just as great of of man as he is. 

You have come out of your shell so much in the last year.  You've played soccer and basketball and have made friends along the way.  I'm so very proud of you!! I love you bunches.


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