Monday, September 21, 2015

Getting in the swing of things...

We are entering into our third week of school. I feel like we are finally figuring it all out. We know how much time is needed for each subject and I found Kade only lasts about 10 minutes at the table before he starts fussing "I'm so bored". 

Last week was really busy for us. And I'm realizing that I like schedule and I'm going to have to learn to be flexible. Kade has speech on Mondays, meaning we have to leave at lunch to make that. Aubrey has gymnastics Wednesday nights, which doesn't affect our school but stresses me out with dinner.. And Thursday mornings Aubrey has piano. So we can't even start school till later in the afternoon since that is also my grocery shopping day. Ahh I felt so drained last week. Not to mention we saw Dave Ramsey Thursday night and got home super late. But it was such a good time! 

Here's to a new week!! May it be filled with lots of coffee! ;) 

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