Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my obsession

Most of my family and close friends know this about me...I've become a crochet addict.
I probably need to go to crocheting anonymous meetings (do they have those?) But seriously, I have found that I really enjoy crocheting. Not only am I able to create something beautiful but my mind is given a break to relax from everything. It has become something to sooth me and a time for me to have quiet. So many colorful yarns and the endless amount of things I can create. It's like making art for me. 

I have made several scarves, earrings, hats, cell phone cases, and my biggest project yet, is a large blanket I'm making. It is taking me so much longer than I had anticipated but I'm loving the whole process of making something, that I think is beautiful. I am trying to let Trey and the kids have their say in what color combinations to use for the blanket since it will, what I'm hoping, will be in our family for many many years and then some.  And I want them to be part of it. 

I taught myself how to crochet mainly from the wonderful YouTube videos that are available.
I've found several tutorials on Pinterest, which you won't find that I've pinned because I have them in a private board, in hopes to someday reopen my etsy shop with some of the things I enjoy creating. :)

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