Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embrace the Camera// Making Memories

I've decided to join along with Emily and Ashley's Embrace the Camera challenge. 

Embrace the camera is about getting out from behind the camera and getting in the picture!

I want my kids to have pictures to look back on and see me with them because most of the time it is us mamas who are taking the pictures. 

Today's prompt was to make memories.

Here are our pics... 

(If you want to follow along on Instagram, you can use the hashtag #embracethecamera )

I have still been counting my gifts and doing the joy dare but just haven't remembered to post them.
So here they are...

631 my house smelling of fall
632 aubreys angel kisses on her face that seem to be multiplying
633 kids helping with laundry
634 family reading time
635 breakfast and devotional at the table
636 kade sound asleep on the couch with his Cars blanket
637 the sound of the shower, washing away the dirt of the day
638 His grace being sufficient
639 aubreys stories
640 the coolness of the floors
641 being enough
642 grace given
643 pumpkins
644 falling leaves
645 brown fields
646 small race cars scattered on the floors
647 letting go of my pride and giving God the praise He deserves
648 being able to stay home with my littles
649 homeschool days
650 bravery
651 cool breeze blowing through the windows
652 warm fluffy brownies
653 school outside on a beautiful morning
654 little fingers banging on the piano 

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