Wednesday, August 7, 2013

slowing down

I need to slow down.

I want to be a mom who says no less and yes more.

More yes to playing outside. 
Yes to going to the park.
Yes to ice cream for dinner.
Yes to staying up a little past bedtime.
Yes to reading one more book.

One day there will be a time where I wish I would have done more of this. 

I need to not rush through the day. Slow down and be present in the moment with my kids.

They won't remember all the laundry I've done or if the floors needed to be mopped.

I need to put down the dishes and laundry and build castles with Legos or paint with the kids or play with chalk.

Those are the moments they will remember.

I need to be a yes mom.


Courtney said...

It's so hard to be a yes mom! But, the reminder is one that we all need- a lot. Posts like these are refreshing and encouraging and a great reminder to reflect a bit and see if I've been doing enough of that. Usually the answer is no, so luckily I can restart and do more "yes" again.

Jenny McDaniel said...

I agree Courtney. This is a constant reminder. It's so much easier to say no than yes. Especially when the yes mean more of a mess! :)

Emily Kate said...

Yess! Struggle with saying "yes" all the time. And your kiddies are ridic cute!

Jenny McDaniel said...

Thank you Emily!