Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday Celebration Weekend

We went home for the weekend to visit with family.
My mother in law threw a surprise birthday for Maw Maw.
She turned 75!
It was a very good and FULL weekend.
Lots of laughs, lots of conversations, and LOTS of cake!! :)
Here are some pictures from our weekend.

 photo mawmaws75th004.jpg  photo mawmaws75th005.jpg  photo mawmaws75th006.jpg  photo mawmaws75th012.jpg  photo mawmaws75th016.jpg  photo mawmaws75th017.jpg  photo mawmaws75th018.jpg  photo mawmaws75th019.jpg  photo mawmaws75th021.jpg  photo mawmaws75th022.jpg  photo mawmaws75th023.jpg  photo mawmaws75th024.jpg  photo mawmaws75th034.jpg  photo mawmaws75th039.jpg  photo mawmaws75th042.jpg  photo mawmaws75th044.jpg  photo mawmaws75th047.jpg  photo mawmaws75th048.jpg  photo mawmaws75th049.jpg  photo mawmaws75th050.jpg  photo mawmaws75th054.jpg  photo mawmaws75th056.jpg  photo mawmaws75th063.jpg  photo mawmaws75th067.jpg  photo mawmaws75th075.jpg


How was your weekend?
#484 sunshine peaking through the windows
#485 celebrating birthdays
#486 lunch with Kade
#487 my nose in a good book
#488 fresh eggs
#489 baby birds
#490 beautiful roses

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