Friday, May 31, 2013

This and That

I'm so ready for Summer to get here.
I know most kids are out of school by now, but we got so behind during our few month
moving process. So we will be doing school for at least another month.
We are just trying to double up our math lessons and Aubrey finished her phonics, but
we are trying to read at least one chapter a day from our American Girl Kirsten books.
Yesterday we started a summer study on the planets.
If you follow me on Pinterest (I have a button to the right >>)
then you probably have seen all the stuff I've pinned for it :)
The kids and I have been going to the park at least once a week. We have one right by our house which I thought was really nice and then we found one by UL's campus, Girard Park.
It is by far the most fun park I..I mean the kids, have ever been to! ;)
If you are ever in the area I would have to suggest you go there. At least go look at the ducks!
I ran my first 5k at the end of April and since then I haven't really had the motivation to continue working out and running. So...I will be running another 5k this September. I think I need to have a goal ahead to keep me going. I went for my first run in a month last night. And guess who joined me? Some sweet little blond haired girl! :)
We jogged around the whole neighborhood. And the crazy thing is that she really liked it and asked if she could with me the next night.
That is something that I really want to show my kids, how important it is to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I hope that they watch Trey and I make healthy food choices and how I exercise to stay strong and that they will do the same as they get older.
Anyway, enough blabbing on. Have a great weekend!

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