Tuesday, May 14, 2013

backyard fun


 photo may4-122013014.jpg  photo may4-122013024.jpg  photo may4-122013020.jpg  photo may4-122013017.jpg  photo may4-122013027.jpg  photo may4-122013029.jpg  photo may4-122013032.jpg  photo may4-122013035.jpg

#432 kind hearts
#433 carefulness
#434 compassion shown
#435 melting Popsicles
#436 sticky faces
#437 getting up before the sun
#438 being purposeful
#439 teaching my kids


Janis Cox said...

Oh this is wonderful. We still have cold weather up here in Ontario Canada this week. It was lovely 1 week ago but now cold again. But spring is coming...

Glad to meet you.

I have a link at Can I Joy Dare You? I am leaving it up for 1 month to try and find more people who blog about counting the gifts of God.

Janis Cox www.janiscox.com

Jenny McDaniel said...

Janis, I am in Louisiana and we are already in shorts and have the kiddie pools and sprinklers going! ;) Temps close to 80!! I will def check your link out!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.