Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vacation Part l: Lynn Meadows Discovery Museum


We went on a mini vacation to Gulf Port, Mississippi. Kade isn't the best traveler so we decided to stay closer to home.
Our first stop was the Lynn Meadows Discovery Museum.
This a such a great museum for the kids! We spent hours there!
Aubrey played dress up, had a tea party and even worked at the local Winn-Dixie! ;)
Kade was more interested in the train that went around a track hanging from the ceiling, and the train set they had to play with.  :)
If you know Kade then you know he is OBSESSED with trains!!
We went to a casino (my very first time EVER!) to eat at the buffet. Do you know that we had to pay adult price for Aubrey to eat at the buffet?!! Not cool. Especially when all she eats is the macaroni and cheese. But I do think we ate enough crab legs to make up for it! I'm still craving some right now!
We took sooo many pictures I figured it would be a good idea to break up our vacation pics into parts. I plan on posting part ll, our beach trip, later on during the week.
Happy Easter friends!

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