Friday, February 15, 2013


A week in Instagram pics
Kade and his 2 blankies he carries around with him :)

The kiddos wanted to "rest" together. Yea, this only lasted about 5 minutes.
We have this bird feeder in our backyard and have to fill it every other day with bird seed. 
Crazy, but the kids enjoy watching all the little birdies.

Moe working on unloading the dishwasher...
with Mannys help ;)

Manny has really started to like coloring. 
He colors on everything.
Ill have to work on showing him what he can and can't color on!

We have had a lot of rain over the week and somebody decided to play cars in the mud.
I tried not to freak and just go with it...
Lets just say he had dried mud EVERYWHERE on him!!

Trey and I love watching The Pioneer Woman every Saturday morning.
This past week she made chicken florentine. 
 We had to try it out,  it was uh-mazing!! (not to mention super easy)

Makeing master pieces! ;)

Have you had this?! Go get some. Now. Im serious.

Hannah and I are doing The Color Run in Baton Rouge at the end of April. 
This is my first 5k and Im really excited about it!  Anybody have any running tips or advice? 
Since we live 2 hours away we send each other pics everyday to hold each other accountable for our "training". So far its working!! ;)

I love that my kids love books. Thats all. :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!
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Janet Vest said...

They are precious, Jenny! Glad for this update. Looks like you are really enjoying those precious gifts. Many blessings your way,
Aunt Janet = )

Jenny McDaniel said...

Thanks for my first comment Jason!!

Jenny McDaniel said...

Thank you! Hope everyone is doing well?! Tell uncle Richard hello for me! :)