Friday, February 8, 2013


Linking up weekly cell phone pics. Im jbm05 on instagram if you want to follow!  My profile is set on private, but send me a request and Id love to add you! :)

The weather here has been so pretty. We have been outside enjoying every minute of it! This boy LOVES being outside and getting dirty! ;)
I can't express how much I love having a little screened in porch.  Since the weather has been nice I have been leaving the door open and the kids can go in and out as they please. Plus there is a nice breeze coming into the house!

We took the kids to the Zoo of Acadiana on Sunday and they absolutely had a blast!! It wasn't really a big zoo, but what really set it apart was how close you could get to the animals. I think their motto is "exotic wildlife so close you can touch them". And no, we did NOT touch them just to be clear! ;)

Here are the kiddos with "their" Hannah. She is my cousins wife who came to stay the wkd with us and she came along with us to the zoo. I think she had a good time too. :) 
Don't you just love Mannys smile?  I told him to show me his teeth and that is what I got! HA!
Geaux Tigers! Sorry Trey, had to do that to ya! ;)
And here we all are at the live animal show. Just a little 15 minute show where they brought out a huge snake(I forgot what kind), an owl that had freaky orange eyes, Im not gonna lie, I was more freaked out by the owl than the snake, a blind and one eyed skunk, a parrot, and there was something else but I cant for the life of me remember what it was!
(I just dyed my hair and my mom pointed out to me that my hair looks 2 different colors in this pic, Im not that crazy, so Im guessing it looks like that from the lighting?! lol)
I went el cheapo on my Valentine decorations this year. The kids and I made a trip to Wal-Mart and thank goodness they dont charge you for the paper paint samples because we took A LOT!! shhh, dont tell though. :) 
Anyway, I took my paper cutters and cut the hearts and circles out. Hole punched holes in them and strung some yarn through them and viola!
And for the mason jars I just cut a big circle out of printer paper and put a heart on it and tied it on with a piece of yarn too.
And the word "love" is just red pipe cleaners tied together.
Manny woke up super early Thursday morning so we had some quiet time for 3 hours till miss priss woke up.  We just laid on the couch and watched "Ca-koo" and "Choo choo". For those of you who dont know, that is Calliou and Thomas the Train :)

And how sweet is this Valentine that Moe made for me?! She knows me well, she drew my favorite animal, a peacock. :)
Have a blessed weekend friends!

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